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for individuals

$9.99 /Monthly Pre-paid

  • 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space
    Get 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space for your files. Keep everything safe and in one place.
  • Sync
    Instantly sync photos, videos, docs, and other files across devices.
  • Password-protected links
    Add an additional layer of security to your shared links. Only people with the password can access them.
  • Expiring links
    Safeguard your sensitive files. Choose how long shared links are available.
  • Priority email support
    Got an issue? Get priority email response from the Secure Online Desktop support team.
  • Higher sharing limits
    More people can download your shared links with 10x the sharing bandwidth.
  • Versioning
    Restore a previous or deleted version of any file within 30 days.
  • Encryption
    Your files are safe with 256-bit AES encryption at rest and SSL/TLS in transit.
  • Web Access
    Web access to all documents without a platform client.
  • Track activity
    Track the activity related to files – from new files, to deleted files, move, rename, updates and shared activity. The user can configure their individual activity settings in their personal menu. This sets the type of activity to record, as well as whether to the user sees their own activities, whether these are only available online, and whether they get an email digest on a regular basis. More information is available in the Activity documentation.
  • Trash bin
    This application enables users to restore files that were deleted from the system. It displays a list of deleted files in the web interface, and has options to restore those deleted files back to their ownCloud file directories or remove them permanently from the system. Restoring a file also restores related file versions, if the versions application is enabled. When a file is deleted from a share, it can be restored in the same manner, though it is no longer shared. By default, these files remain in the trash bin for 30 days. To prevent a user from running out of disk space, the ownCloud Deleted files app will not utilize more than 50% of the currently available free quota for deleted files. If the deleted files exceed this limit, ownCloud deletes the oldest files until it gets below this limit. More information is available in the Deleted Files documentation.
  • Gallery
    Media gallery for ownCloud with the following features: - Support for large selection of media types (depending on ownCloud setup) - Large, zoomable previews - Sort images by name or date - Per album description and copyright statement - A la carte features - Image download straight from the slideshow or the gallery - Seamlessly jump between the gallery and the files view - Ignore folders containing a ".nomedia" file - Native SVG support - Mobile support Provides a dedicated view of all images in a grid, adds image viewing capabilities to the files app and adds a gallery view to public links. Compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9+
  • Share files
    This application enables users to share files within ownCloud. If enabled, the admin can choose which groups can share files. The applicable users can then share files and folders with other users and groups within ownCloud. In addition, if the admin enables the share link feature, an external link can be used to share files with other users outside of ownCloud. Admins can also enforce passwords, expirations dates, and enable server to server sharing via share links, as well as sharing from mobile devices. Turning the feature off removes shared files and folders on the server for all share recipients, and also on the sync clients and mobile apps. More information is available in the ownCloud Documentation.
  • Text editor
    This application enables ownCloud users to open, save and edit text files in the web browser. If enabled, an entry in the New button at the top of the web browser the Text file entry appears. When clicked, a new text file opens in the browser and the file can be saved into the current ownCloud directory. Further, when a text file is clicked in the web browser, it will be opened and editable. If the privileges allow, a user can also edit shared files and save these changes back into the web browser. More information is available in the Text Editor documentation.
  • Calendar
    Allows you to manage calendars and events, display external calendars and invite attendees to your events
  • Documents
    An ownCloud app to work with office documents
  • Tasks
    Task App for Calender TODOs
  1. Windows/Mac/Linux/ iOS/Android App


for teams, minimum of 5 users

$19.99 /Monthly Pre-paid

  • Everything in Pro
    All features included in Pro version
  • 2 TB (2,000 GB) of space
    Get 2 TB (2,000 GB) of space for your files. Keep everything safe and in one place.
  • Collaboration tools
    Advanced collaboration tools
  • Group definition
  • Team features
    Search and share among users
  • Account transfer tool
    Easily transfer accounts from one user to another when responsibilities change.
  • Team folder
    Automatically share select files with all Dropbox Business team members.
  • Centralized billing
    Manage and pay for all employees’ accounts with a single bill.
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  1. Windows/Mac/Linux/ iOS/Android App


for large organization

$99.00 /Monthly Pre-paid

  • 5 TB (5,000 GB) of space
    Get 5 TB (5,000 GB) of space for your files. Keep everything safe and in one place.
  • Everything in Business
    All features included in Pro version
  • Dedicated server
    Hardware resources are dedicated to customer and not shared among other users
  • OTP authentication
    Authenticate uses via OTP token
  • Collaborative tags
    Collaborative tagging functionality which shares tags among users. Great for teams.
  • Training
    Advanced training for end users and admins
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  1. Windows/Mac/Linux/ iOS/Android App

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