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Setup your SuperCloud

choose resources to build several Cloud Servers in your Virtual Datacenter

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Configuration: Super Cloud - Starter (up to 20 VPS)



Cloud Location

OS Template

FreeBSD-based VPS require 512 Mb RAM as the initial setup, you can later increase it if desired.


RAM [MB] (guaranteed)

Disk Size [GB]

Secondary Disk - Additional Disk space [GB]

Port Speed [Mbps]

IPv4 Addresses

IPv4 Private Network

30 IPv4 private addresses


Yes ( $50.00 USD Setup Fee)

IPv6 addresses

Backup your data?


Backup Space [GB]

IT Support - ITIL SLA Pro

Features already included in the service.


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Order Summary

Description Price
SuperCloud Virtual Datacenter - Super Cloud - Starter (up to 20 VPS) $300.00 USD Monthly Pre-paid
OS Template CentOS 6.3 x64 Free
CPUs Free
RAM [MB] (guaranteed) Free
Disk Size [GB] Free
Secondary Disk - Additional Disk space [GB] Free
Port Speed [Mbps] Free
IPv4 Addresses Free
IPv4 Private Network Free
IPv6? No Free
IPv6 addresses Free
Backup your data? No Free
Backup Space [GB] Free
Total Recurring:

$300.00 USD Monthly Pre-paid

Total Due Today:


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